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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas and Fiskarettes Frame Info!

Wishing Everyone a Very Merry and Crafty Christmas!
Today is something I have been looking forward to as my little Munchkin should be really into Christmas this year! Last year she opened one present and was happy just to play with that one lol, oblivious to the rest of the presents. 
So I am also sharing with you details on that Upcycled Fiskarettes Frame I showed you. Here are step by steps and photos along the way . . .
1 - Take any frame (modelled by my little assistant) and remove the back and glass, make sure you lay newspaper down to keep your workspace clean. 

2 - Using a sponge and white acrylic paint (or gesso) lightly sponge onto the frame. (My assistant liked this part). The trick is to create thin layers, letting each one dry between the next to create texture and to completely cover the frame.

3 - Once completely dry you can spray colours onto the frame - I used Distress Sprays (wasn't sure what the end result would be but that is part of the fun). Leave to dry - to speed things up I used a heat gun to help dry. I then sponged a little more white paint on to take away some of the colour and once completely dry I sealed with a sealent and left to dry overnight.

4 - Then I punch out various flowers in thin white card (I used L Flower and Intricate shape Daisy) and spritz with the Distress Sprays and water to match the frame colours. 

5 - Once the flowers had dried I place them across the frame and moved about to find the best positions for the flowers. Then I selected the buttons for the centres (nothing like having a rumage through the button tin). The carefully using a hot glue gun I stuck the flowers and buttons to the frame.

6 - I added some flat back pearl beads to the empty spaces - I put 1 or 3 either side of the flowers all over for my finishing touches, just gluing on with normal PVA. Leave to dry completely.

 7 - To finish I put the glass back in and hung on my wall to admire! :)

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Thanks for looking,
Sarah x

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